The Burstner Premio 490 TL

1,380 $

Everything on board: The Burstner Premio 490 TL caravan make life on road enjoyable and comfortable.

Check-in 12:00
Check-out 12:00

Caravan rental / Mobile home rental / motorhome rental / Ideal vocation with
Minimum rental period is from 6 nights/7days.
Traveling in Iceland with caravan is an ideal way to relax and explore Icelandic nature. The Caravan comes with all necessary equipment, including cutlery, cups, plates, pans, bowls, gas grill, outdoor table and outdoor chairs.

Hjólhýsi til leigu / Ferðavagn til leigu
Lágmarkleigutími hjólhýsa er sjö dagar/sex nætur.
Með vagninum fylgir allur nauðsynlegur útbúnaður, þar á meðal hnífapör, bollar, diskar, pönnur, skálar, gasgrill, útiborð og útistólar.

Technical data

Burstner Premio 490 TL

Description Value
Overall length, approx. cm 734 734
Body length external (app. cm) 612 612
Body length internal (app. cm) 550 550
A-measurement awning (app. cm) 1015 1015
Overall width (app. cm) 232 232
Overall height (app. cm) 261 261
Overall height Internal (app. cm) 198 198
Technically permissible maximum laden mass (kg)* 1400 1400
Mass in running order (kg) (+/-5%)* 1190 1190 (1131 to 1250)*
Manufacturer-specified mass for optional equipment(app. kg)* 210 210
Wheel / Tyre size 185 R14 185 R 14 C
Sleeping berths standard / max. 5 4
Bed size – front (app. cm) 200*212 200 x 150
Bed size rear (app. cm) 212*112-132 212 x 112 – 132
Refrigerator volume incl. freezer, approx. l 142 142 (15)
Fresh water supply, approx. l 44 44
Water supply, approx. l (whilst driving) 15 15
Insulation floor / side walls / roof, mm 38 /28 /28 38 / 28 / 28
Storage space for gas cylinder with max. 11 kg filling weight 2 2
  1. This is a recommended retail price based on Icelandic retail prices. For the latest information, please contact us
b)       Chassis
Safety chassis
Corner steadies
Spare Wheel Carrier in Gas Compartment
Wheel Case Isolation
Stabiliser coupling AKS 3400
Exterior Body
One Piece Entry Door
Exterior panel, hammered finish side wall, white
Rooflight 40 x 40 cm
Double Glazed window with Blinds
GRP roof for hailstone protection
GRP front panel
GRP rear panel
Servicedoor 750 x 300 mm, right
Hinged window, rear


Cold-foam mattress
Beds with Bed Slats
Backrest Ventilation Boards
Furniture Brava
Rubbish bin in entrance door
Sink, 3 burner hotplate with electronic ignition and glass cover
Soft close function in the kitchen area


Water System
Gas System
Gas Heater S 3004


Lighting 12 V / 230 V
LED awning light
Power Sockets 230 V
Converter 350 VA
Remote Light Switches
Smoke detectors
Sleeping area
Beds with Bed Slats
Cold-foam mattress


Backrest Ventilation Boards

Additional benefits exterior

  • GRP roof, front and rear for better protection against hail and inclement weather
  • Modern chassis technology with automatic trailer control system
  • 44-litre water tank
  • Low unladen weight
  • Insulated wheel arches

Additional benefits interior

  • Sleeps
    up to five people
  • Interior headroom: 198cm
  • LED ceiling lights
  • Winter backrests and back-ventilated storage cupboards for improved air circulation
  • Smoke alarm
  • Three-burner gas hob


Additional information
Cleaning Fee ($120)

Yes Add, No

Insurence Fee ($120)

Yes Add, No

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