The Burstner Premio 490 TL

Perfect vocation choice

The Burstner Premio 490 TL

Everything on board: The Burstner Premio 490 TL caravan make life on road enjoyble and comfortable.

For all seasons

The modern blown air heating system ensures a comfortable temperature inside the caravan and is easy to use to ensure you to enjoying that feeling all year around. The caravan have gas heating system and also easily input electric oven as your wish.

Your Choice

This Burstner Premio 490 TL to suit all needs and tastes. The layout is designed to give you that home away from home feeling straight away. You can have one king size bed or two single bed after your choice.

Value-driven Caravagn rental experiences

Insurance Coverage Options

Planning a vacation can be overwhelming! That's why we offer extra coverage options to ensure your peace of mind.

Extra Driver

Experience the scenic views without worrying about driving! Add an extra driver and enjoy the journey together.

The Storage

The front storage compartment is easy to open with the aid of the centrally positioned fastener. It not only holds your gas bottles, but also offers a safe storage space for many of your utensils. The storage areas that can be accessed from the inside as well as the outside, for example the underbed storage, are particularly useful and convenient. These storage area hatches are a standard feature in all models in order to provide you with – you guessed it – even more storage space.